Cafeina Motorcycles

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To challenge an inexpensive and long-lasting motorcycle, almost an "ugly duckling", to reborn from the ashes with Italian sporting traits. Literally cared for from A to Z.

The technically modified wheel hub accommodates two discs, inverted front suspension, front mud guard and a lightweight stand, the handmade fairing spider, front fairing (inspiration), side covers, seat and replicated mudguard of the sexiest Italian motorcycle of the seventies ...


Without bolts of sight, replacement of the oil radiator and pipes, foot supports and all the sub-chassis made by hand, gasoline tank coming from a Japanese from the eighties, hand exhaust manifold and double no-view mufflers! ...


The silhouette of all lines, respected as if everything had started on a blank sheet! The care in finishes, the symbol in the tank of gasoline and the choice by the logo. The joy of colors. Comfortable, useable every day, cheerfully almost maintenance-free.


Revival or a rock in the puddle ?! Let's Ride!